Initial Index Fund rebalance report 2018-10-23
Rebalance Report
October 23, 2018, 12:43 PM UTC
Today’s rebalance report: 
Fund token DAS IC20 current price (23 October 2018 06:12 PM UTC)
1 DAS = ₿0.00040894 or $2.64486730

Weekly performance -1.8315% 
Changing from $2.73 to $2.68 (closing prices)

Current portfolio components:
Total index performance:
DAS Index Crypro 20

Weekly performance -0.9750%,
Changing from 27,064.59 to 26,800.70 (closing prices)
BTC weekly performance -2.0624%

Monthly performance -8.0558%
Changing from 29,148.89 to 26,800.70 (closing prices)
BTC monthly performance -3.7063%

DAS Index Crypto 20 (DAS IC20) - is a benchmark for the crypto market. The strategy of this Index is to follow price movements of the most capitalized crypto assets selected by weighted average of their market capitalizations.

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