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What is IIF?

IIF is cryptocurrency-focused fund utilizing an index strategy with regular rebalancing and reconciliation.

What is DAS Index Crypto 20?

DAS Index Crypto 20 (DAS IC20) - is a benchmark for the crypto market. The strategy of this Index is to follow price movements of the most capitalized cryptoassets selected by weighted average of their market capitalizations.

How to invest?

Sign up

Choose “Verification” tab and complete the identity verification procedure (KYC).

After your identity has been verified and approved, click on "Invest" button.

Type in the investment amount in “Amount BTC” field and click “Buy DAS Index” button and choose “Confirm your investments”.

Transfer funds in BTC on wallet address shown in the pop-up notification.

Detailed instructions on registration can be found here 

How the investor's income formed?

The investor's income depends on the cryptocurrencies value growth, currently held in the fund's portfolio.

Which currencies accepted by Initial Index Fund?

The Fund accepts investments only in Bitcoin at the moment.

What is the minimum/ maximum amount of investment?

The minimum amount of investment indicated in tokens in your personal account and amounts to 5000 USD equivalent in Bitcoin. There are no maximum amount for investment in Initial Index Fund.

Does the fund verify its investors?

Yes. We carry out a standard KYC verification procedure, which is mandatory. Please note that the fund does not currently work with the citizens of USA.

Who manages the Fund?

The IIF Fund is a segregated portfolio (the legal name of the Segregated Portfolio DAS Index management) of the Segregated Portfolio Company of the Double Sirius Capital Fund, managed by the licensed management company Double Sirius Managing Company Ltd. Jurisdiction: Cayman Islands.

Who is in the team?

Please find all info at our page About

Where the Fund is registered?

Cayman Islands, as Double Sirius Managing Company ltd.

Is this a licensed fund?

Double Sirius Managing Company ltd. has been registered as an Excluded Person under Section 5(2) and Schedule 4 of the Securities Investment Business Law (2015 Revision) as of 13 April 2018, and we do not require a license to conduct Securities investment business, under Section 5(2) SIBL. SECURITIES INVESTMENT BUSINESS LAW (2015 Revision):

What commissions are held by the Fund?

3% management fee withholding on investment

Are my funds secure?

All funds securely held under multisig on exchanges accounts and wallets.

Who can become an investor?

Both professional and non-professional individual investors can become investors of the Fund.

Are the Fund token backed with assets?

Yes, each token (which means that each share) of the Fund is supported by assets in the DAS IC20 basket, in the same shares for each asset as in this index.

What is the Fund's token?

The Fund's token is a digital asset whose composition replicates the index of the DAS Index family and represents the user's right to own part of the total investment portfolio.

What is the cost of Fund's token?

The cost of the token is equal to the index value divided by 10,000, nominated in USD.